Wild Birds

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The true story of a 1000-kilometre walk across Israel and Palestine.


When Daniel Baylis receives a promotion at his job with a travel magazine, he figures that his future is set. He makes an offer on a handsome condominium and prepares to settle into adult life. But when tragedy strikes his family, he swiftly rethinks his path. 

Instead of dedicating himself to practicalities, Daniel goes hiking. Wild Birds is the story of his journey, a 1000-kilometre walk across Israel and Palestine. Along the way, Daniel visits a Franciscan monastery, sleeps in caves, traces the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea, stays in the homes of Palestinians, celebrates Seder in the desert, and dances with Bedouins.

The journey is uncommon, and the story is refreshing—one that offers a counterpoint to standard western portrayals of the Middle East. Honest without being sentimental and insightful without trying to fix things, Wild Birds is a walking-paced tale of one person’s quest to understand more about the Holy Land and, ultimately, about humankind.


"Wild Birds is amazing. The world needs books like this."

- Stefan Szepsi, author of Walking Palestine